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Nick Richardson is a U.S. Army veteran has dedicated his life to serving our country and the veteran community. This is what drove him to start Gr8ter Veterans in 2015 which has allowed him to expand his reach of advocacy, partnerships, and events which has directly lead to an increased quality of life and life success of the veterans he has reached.

Gr8ter Veterans is committed to enhancing the lives of our servicemembers, veterans and their families. With your support we significantly expand our mission to directly impact the lives of our hero’s.

Here is how you can help us:

Personal Donation:

Have you watched the news and saw such topics as the Veteran suicide epidemic of 22 Veterans a day taking their own lives. Maybe it is the Military Sexual Assault (MSA), Veterans struggling to reconnect to civilian life at the end of their military service, or the high Veteran unemployment rate.

Your donations will directly help us ramp up our mission to advocate for increased Veteran benefits and programs, as well as host events, activities and outreach programs which increases fellowship and comradery, quality of life, and knowledge of various programs they may not known existed.

On behalf of the entire Gr8ter Veteran family and those we serve, we say thank you from the bottom of your hearts for our generosity. We appreciate you and are grateful!

Corporate/Business Donation:

As leaders and pillars in our communities throughout the United States, you can make a large impact on the military and veteran community (to include their families) by sponsoring an event, being a supporter of the Gr8ter Veteran Summer Concert Series, or by making a one time donation.

Sponsor a Specific Event

Would you like to sponsor an event?

Gr8ter Veterans has a large list of events we would like to hold and are in need of business sponsors!

Not only would you be making an impact on the lives of our military, veterans and their families, you would receive plenty of publicity by being announced numerous times (along with being tagged) on our Facebook Group and page, website, and having your logo on the event flyer.

Also, depending on the event, we would love to invite you (or a representative) to attend with us and enjoy the fruits of your generosity.

Please contact Nick at (509) 953-3515 or the Gr8ter Veteran team at to learn more.

*Disclaimer: Some events we hold are closed events for privacy reasons to the attendee and this may effect you being present. We hope you understand.

General Sponsorship

Are you interested in helping us to impact lives but you don’t want to sponsor a specific event, or the Gr8ter Veterans Summer Concert Series?

Have no worries, we would value a one time donation of any amount!

As you know every dollar counts, so your donation would go directly to help fund our events.

While it may not seem like much, your heart felt generosity can and will make our military and veteran community better!

Also, we would love to give you a public show of appreciation for your kindness including on our Facebook pages and website.

Below are our various sponsorship levels. Donations of over $500 will land you a spot on our partners page including your logo linked to your social media or webpage (your choice).

Joint Chiefs of Staff

$8,000 or highter. Will get an event named after them along with 30 tickets to the event. This would look something like “(name of your business) presents (name of the event) hosted by Gr8ter Veterans” They will also recieve a banner logo prominently displayed at all events for 12 months (largest of all banners except for the Gr8ter Veterans logo), honorable mention in marketing material for 12 months using your logo and plugs on social media posts. Also, will be highlighted on our partners webpage.

Commanding Officer

$4,000-$7,999. This level will recieve your company logo shared on all marketing and banners for 12 months and shout-outs on social media and other media platforms, an your logo linked to your page on the partners page of our website. Also, you will recieve 16 tickets to an event that we host.

Jr. Officer

$2,500-$3,999. This level will land your logo on our marking material and banners for 6 months, social media shout-outs, your logo on our partners page of our website and 10 tickets to an event we hold.

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO)

$1,000-$2,499. This level will include your logo and shout-outs on our social media platforms, your logo displayed on our partners page, and 4 tickets to an event we hold.


$500-$999. This level will include your logo and shout-outs on our social media platforms and 4 tickets to hosted events.


Up to $499. This level includes your log and shout-outs on social media, plust 2 tickets to a hosted event.

Gr8ter Veterans Summer Concert Series Sponsor

One of our main events over the past several years is the Gr8ter Veterans Summer Concert Series held in Deer Park WA.

This year, as always, we are bringing in amazing and talented artist from all over to perform in the park! This is a family friendly event for not only the military and veteran community, but all of Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and anyone who wants to attend!

The 2022 Gr8ter Veterans Summer Concert Series will have 7 shows running from June 11-06 Aug.

Below is the three sponsorship levels and what you will receive.

We need your support to make this a big success!

Gold Sponsorship $2,000 and Up

  • Your Company logo on the official concert banner
  • Mentions on all
    social media platforms, before every show and any Podcasts or Interviews
    Nick is on or gives from the start of sponsorship.
  • Company logo on our website linked to your website or social media page (your choice).

Silver Sponsorship $500-$2,000

  • Logo on the official concert banner
  • Mentioned before our 1st and last show of the
  • Company logo on our website linked to your website or social media page (your choice).

Bronze Sponsorship $250-$500

  • Logo on the official concert banner

Gr8ter Veterans is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. EIN #81-1519924

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