Nick Richardson, U.S. Army Veteran and Founder/President of Gr8ter Veterans

Gr8ter Veterans and what we do

After getting out of the Army in 2003 and going through the trials and tribulations of transitioning back into the civilian community, Nick Richardson, like so many of our veterans found it not as easy as it may seem.

Nick knew he was not alone and there were thousands of others just like him.

This was the driving force for him to found Gr8ter Veterans in July 2015. His overarching goal was to help Veterans achieve greatness.

Gr8ter Veterans hosts a variety of events from guest speakers, musicians, and community leaders all with the goal of helping veterans. Furthermore, Nick appears on numerous Podcasts and attends various other events to help the veteran community all across the U.S.


To conduct events and advocacy actions designed to engage the Military and Veteran community with the goal of building a strong spirit, strengthened mental health, and fostering healthy relationships.

Vision of the Future.

When Nick founded Gr8ter Veterans he started small with a big vision for the future: building a Every Veterans Assistance Center (E.V.A.C.).

The E.V.A.C. center would offer a Cafe/Bistro, lounge and recreation area, gym, auditorium for special events, and host guest speakers. Furthermore, it would provide holiday meals for our military and veteran community, a dog training area focusing on service dogs training and certification, as well as an internet/computer room designed to help Veterans who do not have internet service get connected. Lastly, the center would offer a private space for various representatives to meet with Veterans to help them gain the much-needed services they require.

If you would like to donate to support our mission and help us reach and impact our military and veteran community, please click the button to donate below.

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