Camaraderie is important in the military community as it forges a bond of trust and unity within the ranks. This trust leads to mission success both on and off the battlefield.

However, when our veterans leave military service, they lose this bond and connection. This can result in depression, anxiety, and isolation; ultimately, feeling alone and that they have no one that understands them.

This is why we hold many events including our summer concert series in Deer Park, along with other activities throughout the year.

We know it is vital that not only veterans connect with those they most feel resemblance with, but for them to unite with members in the community that want to support them.

Our goal is to provide activities which bring joy, builds and strengths relationships, and minimizes self-isolation.

As a non-profit we want to provide these activities at no cost to the veteran, their spouse or caretaker. In order to do this we rely on the generosity of businesses and people like you.

If you would like to donate, please click the button
below or visit our donate now page.

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